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"Bryan Reeves is fast becoming one of my favorite bloggers about relationships."

- Thomas G Fiffer, Senior Executive Editor of The Good Men Project

Somewhere along my journey from military soldier to spiritual warrior, through the dank hells of heartbreak and despair – and with the help of a psychedelic experience or two – I rediscovered the thrill of being alive, and the beautiful life I came here to live. After triumphing through darkness and despair, I laugh more than I ever did as a child.

Bryan Reeves

I’m a regular contributor to various blogs worldwide, including Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Raw Attraction Magazine, Sexy Conscious Awake, and am currently finishing my second book, "Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May."

As a Thriving Life & Relationship Coach, I live my dream by helping other people live theirs.

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9 Uncommon Tips to Help You Thrive on Vacation with Your Partner

♦◊♦ Last year, my fiancé and I did an epic 5-week journey around majestic Ireland. Five weeks … Alone. Just her and I. … Alone. Together. I assure you: I absolutely love and adore this woman. She’s the everyman’s dream female-lead in the rom-com movie of my life. She’s that beguiling, sexy, goofy girl-next-door who’s…


"I Don't Want Drama" (Beware Of The Man Who Says This)

♦◊♦ Have you encountered the man (or been that man) who emphatically claims, "I don’t want drama!"? Swipe right ... or left ... I don’t know ... whichever way you swipe to pass on someone you don’t want to date, because pass on this man you must. “I don’t want drama” is what the perpetually…


You Can't Be KING ... Until You Embrace Feminine Energy

♦◊♦ No man can truly be King until he is willing to take responsibility not just for himself, but for the entire world around him. Until then, he might get rich, but all he’ll have is money. Last night, I watched the recent remake of “King Arthur”with my lady and my step-father, all cozied up…


Is Your Relationship Experiencing a 'Crisis of Connection'?

I recently led a 2-day private coaching intensive for a well-intentioned couple who had ignorantly, innocently, conspired together for years to create a tragic mess of love. We spent the entire “Weekend Intensive” nestled in a quiet canyon home just outside Los Angeles, working to overcome their excruciating “crisis of connection.” Intimate relationships only truly…


A Meditation on Trust & Surrender

♦◊♦ Last April, I took my lovely lady, Silvy, on an unforgettable 5-week adventure 'round the gorgeous emerald isle of Ireland. ... She even said "Yes!" at the epic Cliffs of Moher. Yup, on a brisk early Spring day, just feet away from a rocky 700-foot plunge into the churning Atlantic Ocean, I got on my…


The 1 Misunderstanding That Routinely Kills Relationships

♦◊♦ There’s a terrible phenomenon that destroys otherwise good relationships. I call it the "Relationship Death Gap." Watch the video or read the script below. ♦◊♦ [VIDEO SCRIPT] This is what happens: The more masculine partner in the relationship - the one who prioritizes logic over emotions - is ok with something. Could be anything.…


You Do Not Serve Anyone By Shrinking Yourself For Love

♦◊♦ Woman, I know you have been hearing for a lifetime that you’re too much ... ... too needy, too loud, too opinionated, too demanding, too happy, too sad, too large, too emotional, too expressive, too whatever. So you learned to shrink yourself in countless ways, to disappear or somehow deny your true full expression as a…


The Truth is Simple (Only Your Cover-ups Are Complicated)

♦◊♦ "If I tell you the real truth about me, you won’t love me." That single thought has driven me to madness for most of my life. It’s like having a nasty little thought-vampire living in my head with fangs like dagger straws sucking out the oxygen-rich blood that would otherwise fuel clarity in my…


Do You Make Space For Your Most Inspired Work?

♦◊♦ I’m headed to Ireland on Tuesday for 5 weeks with my lovely woman, Silvy. I’m only bringing a few books, cozy slippers and some clothes, our Vitamix and my laptop. My intention is to create my next online program there while enjoying the wonders of the Emerald Isle with Silvy (she’s utterly enraptured by…